Water - The most important Nutrient of all

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Water - The most important Nutrient of all

Postby Canuck Singh » Sat Nov 15, 2008 12:28 pm

Clean drinking water is a scarce commodity. Most tap water is badly polluted, and this contamination is beyond help. In the US there is over 55,000 regulated chemical dumps leaking into ground water and that's not counting the 200 000 illegal chemical dumps leaking 60,000 different types of contaminants. Water protection authorities won't be able to help either.

Most local municipal water authorities are flat out testing for 35 of the 60,000 contaminants, while most water supplies are likely to harbor at least a thousand. And why should the councils and authorities spend the millions of dollars it takes to make water clean when less then 1% is actually consumed as drinking water?

Most goes down the sink, toilet and laundry. Tap water is only treated to bare minimum safety standards with sedimentation, filtrationand and disinfection with chlorine and other chemicals. Heavy metals, pesticides and industrial chemicals are all still in there when it comes out of the tap. So are the dead bacteria killed by the chlorine and the carcinogenic trihalomethanes from the chlorine it self. Tap water might not kill you but it sure as <peace> won't do you any good.

I used to think spending a couple of bucks on bottled water was worth it because of its safety over tap water. Now I'm not so sure. A recent study by Dr. James Lalumandier published in the March issue of Archives of Family Medicine (9:246-250,2000.) compared tap water in Cleveland with 57 brands of bottled water available in the US. Two thirds of the bottled water had lower bacteria counts than tap water. However, 25% of the bottled water tested contained over 10 times more bacteria than tap water and all these bottled waters passed government safety standards. Apparently, the Environmental Protection Agency requires municipal water authorities to regularly report on the quality of water they supply. Where as the this is not required by the bottled water industry.

Best bet is to purchase the finest filtering system you can afford or read the label on the bottle. If the label says pure, than it must indicate the degree of its purity and the methods the company used to attain this purity.

Interesting Revelation: There is a stone in water's of Ecuador that may help people to live to 150-200 years. The same stones are under Anandpur Sahib waiting to be revealed
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Re: Water - The most important Nutrient of all

Postby breastaugment » Fri May 20, 2011 11:14 pm

The most important nutrition for all the human being and even or animals was water .Water is the most important element for the body.The water which we are drinking must be purified ,there are so many places in the city were water is purified and that purified water may causes some serious disease.A person can live without food but can't live without water.So drinking of water is so important i life.
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Re: Water - The most important Nutrient of all

Postby RickCroun » Wed Jan 25, 2012 5:53 pm

Every individual action in your physique needs water to accomplish properly. That's why you can survive weeks after food, but alone a few canicule after water. Water helps advance your temperature, abstract fats and abetment in digestion. It's a accustomed adipose and cleanser and an accomplished way to ascendancy ache and lose weight.
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Re: Water - The most important Nutrient of all

Postby namil » Tue Mar 18, 2014 10:32 am

water is source which keeps the body temperature on a moderate level..without food we can survive for couples of week but without water its hard to live even a single week

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