Vigorous Cardio Needed

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Vigorous Cardio Needed

Postby » Thu Sep 04, 2008 2:14 am

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Some people never learn when it comes to exercise and fat loss. Walk into any gym in the United States and you'll see folks pedaling leisurely on a bike while reading a magazine or staring at a plasma screen. Others clutch the handles on a treadmill as they stroll along. These poor misguided souls have been lead to believe that low-intensity exercise is good for fat burning. However, the research-based information on this topic clearly shows that fat loss only comes from expending more calories than you consume.

Exercise is just like everything else in life, you only reap what you sow. Body fat utilization only comes from elevating the metabolism and burning more calories than you put in on a daily basis. Low intensity aerobic exercise doesn't burn calories and stoke the metabolism the way intense exercise does. Vigorous cardio exercise is the most effective way for healthy people to shed body fat and keep it off as this form of exercise burns more calories during the workout and stokes the metabolism for hours after the workout.

Long-term Studies from Laval University have confirmed that people who train intensely have more muscle and less body fat, even though they exercise for less time. Research from Duke University has confirmed that people can lose weight without having to worry about counting calories if they exercise intensely every day.
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Re: Vigorous Cardio Needed

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i have always thought exercising at a lower rate for long time makes the the body lose fat, where as the intensive trainnig just deplores your carb storages

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