Vibration Training Thread

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Vibration Training Thread

Postby Canuck Singh » Sat Oct 25, 2008 10:27 am

Some consultants in the fitness industry have really pushed vibration training as the next big high-tech addition to the gym.

Vibration training involves lifting weights on a vibrating surface. As far as theory goes, this is supposed to stimulate muscle stretch reflexes and activate more muscle fibers.

In a recent report, a group of Swedish scientists examined all of the data on this type of training to enhance strength and muscle development. The scientists couldn’t find any advantages of vibration training over conventional weight lifting.

One important draw back of vibration training is that the amount of overload used is limited due to the instability. The amount of overload used is the key to muscle gains.

Any technique that limits the amount of overload used will severely impair your capacity to build muscle mass. Vibration training is NOT for building muscle, but IS a part of a rehabilitation and proprioception programme.

Source: Scan J Med Sci & Sports 17: 12-17, 2007.
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