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Veggie Juice

Postby Canuck Singh » Thu Mar 26, 2009 9:59 am

Have you ever heard of the trinity root? According to the ancient healing science of long life called Ayurveda, by using trinity root in your diet you can have the energy and stamina that you did when you were much younger.

So what are the trinity roots?

They're garlic, onions, and ginger and they affect virtually every tissue in your body. They are tonics for the hormone-producing endocrine glands, which increase stamina, vigor, alertness, and even libido.

They also reduce blood pressure and cholesterol and increase circulation. More over, when you eat this combination of ingredients in your diet your digestion is enhanced, joints are strengthened, and immunity is supported.

The trinity roots are synergistic—as a threesome they provide more powerful immune support than each does on its own.

Now, in addition to garlic, onions, and ginger, I also advise you to eat chilies, beets, and green vegetables for optimal health and rejuvenation.

Chilies are excellent for your entire digestion system and boost your endorphin system to strengthen your body and mind.

This food as an anti-depression medicine; chilies are a super mood elevator. You'll love a "chili high."

Beets are also a critically important vegetable to include in your diet right now as we wind up winter. It's especially great as a liver detoxifier when combined in a beet-carrot casserole. You can also make a carrot-beet juice cocktail, just use a little bit of beet juice however.

Finally as we pull out of winter and head into spring you can also enjoy eating lots of green vegetables at the moment. Steaming broccoli, kale, cucumber, and other dark leafy green is excellent and a powerful anti-inflammatory and detoxifying agent.

Don't forget that juice is a perfect way to get enough green veggies in you—after all how many cucumbers or celery stalk can you eat?

Ideally, you should drink a quart of veggie juice a day right now.
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Re: Veggie Juice

Postby rubertnrubert » Mon Aug 01, 2011 6:34 pm

Vegetables and fruits are very important for us. In that there are lots of vitamins and nutrients. It is advisable to eat them. Juice of vegetables is also good for health. In winter there are many green vegetables are available so from that we get many benefits. In vegetables there is not fat so helps in losing weight and keeps healthy and fit.
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Re: Veggie Juice

Postby Baron » Wed Jun 12, 2013 2:36 pm

Veggies juices along with fruits juices are also good for the health and fitness.
Veggies juices provide rich vitamins, mineral and nutrition to deal with different diseases and illnesses.
You can use the carrot, root beat, tomato, and green vegetables juices for the better health care.

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