Special - Recipe for Women

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Special - Recipe for Women

Postby Canuck Singh » Sat Nov 01, 2008 10:43 am

Unique Speciality

A little milk protein with a little skim milk, oats and some raisins into a smooth, creamy pudding, and I gotta tell you it is delish! It is also the single most convenient, nutritious meal you could possibly consume. It contains over 40 grams of first class protein, with virtually no fat and an excellent mix of slow to fast absorbing carbohydrates. It’s also full of fiber.

However, for women there may be some essential nutrients missing and, it may be a little too high in carbohydrates to incorporate in to a meal pattern that optimizes body shaping results!

The two biggest mistakes many women make with their nutritional intake is 1) the ultra low fat approach and 2) eating too many carbohydrate foods, especially the wrong ones. Yes your fat and carbohydrate consumption must be low, therefore you have to be extremely selective what type of fats and carbs you do consume .

First, some source of essential fatty acids must be incorporated. For women essential fats are critical, they largely determine the quality of hair, skin, eyes and nails. That got you attention didn’t it gals! I would suggest adding one tablespoon of crushed linseeds instead of the oil for two reasons. One is that research shows the linseed particles actually become stuck to the lining of the large bowel and its essential acids are released slowly, continuously into the system. The second is it provides a crunchy, nutty flavor that is yummy! One heaped tablespoon will provide 3-4 grams of essential fats to your diet. Make sure the linseeds are crushed, or they will pass through your digestive system unabsorbed.

Second, I would substitute the skim milk for 1 cup of organic whole bean soymilk. It has invaluable phytoestrogens, anti-cancer compounds that are directly linked to breast and cervical cancer prevention. For women in Japan soy is staple part of their diet, and this country has the lowest rates of these cancers, by far. Not surprising they also make the best tasting soy milk (yes some do taste good). Make sure it is not the low-fat kind Many of the phytoestrogen compounds are bound to soy’s essential (good) fats. Soy’s’ carbohydrate content is also extremely low glycemic and proves to be favourable to ‘carb sensitive’ women. No bloating or smoothing out on the carbs from soy. 1 cup = 9gms of non-sugar carbs, 2gms of essential fats and 4gms of very average protein.

Third, you'll need a high quality milk protein. Such as milk protein concentrate, or dairy milk isolate. Combine this with an excellent vitamin and mineral profile and invest in a strong multi complex to ensure these levels are met.

- Mix in 1/2cup uncooked oats with the linseeds, soy and protein into a smooth creamy paste.

- Now the secret; to sprinkle a little cinnamon on this to provide an absolute taste sensation!

Every single gram of fat in this new and improved Ultimate breakfast for women is an essential one (total of 7grams) and goes a long way to covering your entire fatty acid requirements for the day! While providing more fiber, essential nutrients, less carbohydrates and less total calories. All mixed and prepared in a total of 57 seconds, how’s that!
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