Research - Taking a break or week off training

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Research - Taking a break or week off training

Postby Canuck Singh » Mon Jul 21, 2008 1:51 pm

Latest research shows that most weightlifters will maintain strength without training for up to six weeks!

A novel investigation by Kraemer and colleagues examined the effects of a period of no training on strength and power performance, as well as blood hormone levels in a group of experienced bodybuilders.

The scientists assessed strength (1-RM in the squat and bench press) and took body composition (skinfold and girth) assessments and blood samples for hormone concentrations regularly while the bodybuilders did not train for six weeks.

Compared to an equally matched group that kept training, those that did not train showed no significant differences in most of the parameters assessed. Particularly, there was no significant decline in strength, muscle mass and blood anabolic hormone profiles.

The take home message here is that those who train consistently and consume the right diet, need not fear a few weeks of missed training. If you have to miss a number of weeks of lifting, be sure to keep your protein intake high and keep to your supplement schedule. What little gains you may lose will be made up rapidly once you recommence training.

Ref: The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research 16;3:373–382, 2002.
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