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Research - Circadian Rhythm & Training

Postby Canuck Singh » Tue Jul 08, 2008 6:04 pm

Internal Body Clock
Your body's circadian rhythm, or "internal body clock" has a tremendous influence on our ability to produce maximal effort. The results of a recent study showed that it is important for athletes to train at the same time of the day as their competition event. This keeps the body clock "in sync" with exerting maximal effort at the right time of the day. It also provides a better chance for producing results in competition.

In this study, one group of swimmers trained in the morning, the same time of the day as a scheduled competition event. Another group trained only in the evening. The swimmers who training at the same time of the day as their swim meet produced better competition times than the group that trained at the other time of the day.

When designing training programs, competitive athletes need to include at least some training sessions at the same time of the day as their event. This training approach will ensure a greater chance of optimal performance in competition.

ref: J Stren & Cond Res. 15(1):127-131,2001.
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