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The Punjabi language and culture is seeing a revival with the younger English speaking
generations, thanks to the launch of PUNJABEE, a new and innovative children’s Punjabi
learning world.

Brisbane, AUS - Punjabee’s aim is to empower and connect future Punjabi generations to
preserve the language and culture, by teaching children the language and customs through
the three fun and likable characters: Punjabee, Raj and Rani.

With high interactive games and products competing in quality with the likes of Mattel and
Disney, Punjabee’s characters make it fun for children to go through the learning ropes of
the Punjabi language, alphabet, and some customs.

Aimed for parents and grandparents to aid in the learning process, Punjabee also hopes to
further encourage greater communication between generations.
With the launch of the new website , Punjabee currently offers flash
cards, memory cards, alphabet posters, colouring in pictures and more. Punjabee aims to
keep children and their families learning and interested by launching new products every
few months, growing the characters Raj and Rani at the rate of Punjabi children across the

With social and digital media at the helm of its communication, Punjabee creates a sense of
belonging for Punjabi communities, enabling them to interact and help Raj and Rani grow
with the times and their interests. “With Facebook and Twitter now being so important in
our everyday lives, we encourage fans and customers to continue to build and interact, so
that Punjabi families across the world can feel involved, and become a part of the future of
our younger Punjabi generations”, explains Pardeep, co-founder of Punjabee.

Creating this unique connection between Punjabi and English, children will relish getting
to love these characters that look like them, building a sense of pride in their culture,
empowering them to preserve it for generations to come.

Raj is a young Punjabi boy that loves football, science, and playing the ‘dhol’ with Bhangra
music. Rani is Raj’s sister who loves to read, astronomy, baking with her mother, and loves
to dance to Bhangra music. Punjabee is the teacher and enabler of the language, he loves
to sing, eats Punjabi food, and he is Raj and Rani’s best friend. Together, they create a
wonderful and fun Punjabi world, helping younger generations associate themselves with
their original culture, language and traditions.

With products shipping worldwide, Punjabee is set to make its mark in Canada, US, UK,
Australia and New Zealand.

About Punjabee:
Punjabee was launched by a team of passionate first generation Punjabi parents in Australia
and Canada. In trying to teach their own children Punjabi, they soon realised the difficulty
and lack of available products to transfer the Punjabi knowledge and language. The
foundations of Punjabee have been based on real life interests of Punjabi children, backed
by years of language teaching experience and parenting.

About Punjabee Products:

All shipping worldwide and available online at :

1. Punjabi Food Flash cards - 24 card deck with images of every day food. Punjabi words
spelt phonetically, as well as in English for an easy learning of both.

2. Memory Match Card Game - Learn up to 20 different colors in Punjabi by playing this
classic card game. Punjabi words spelt phonetically, and include the English words as well.

3. Punjabi Alphabet Poster: The Punjabi Alphabet showcased in a bright and glossy poster
with objects corresponding to each letter.

4. 'Raj and the Magical Dhol' book – coming soon.

5. Family App – coming soon.

We hope to preserve our beautiful language with your help.

Pardeep, Kulbir and Partap
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