Martial Arts Training

Gatka is an ancient martial art. Post here about any other such as Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Muay Thai and the like.

Martial Arts Training

Postby spiritual-warrior » Fri Apr 16, 2010 11:35 pm

what would be a good workout to practice your martial arts skills. below is an example i made up, what do you think, please provide feedback and suggestions, post your own workouts.

morning workout
exercise type reps/duration
stretch full body 5min
Latest Lesson latest lesson 10min
Drills 10min
Armed mixed (different type, size, weight, balance) 10min
Projectile Training (accuracy and speed) 10min
Unarmed mixed (random, standing, grappling, floor, etc) 10min
Shadow Fighting mixed (different scenarios, armed, unarmed, mix everything) 10min

evening workout – mon, wed, fri

exercise type reps/duration
stretch full body 5min
Pushups mixed (close, wide, neutral, dund, knuckles,, fingers) 200
Pullups mixed (chinup, pullups, 1 arm) 100
Squat deep 500
Situp different hand positioning, on abs bench 300
punches mixed (jab, hook, uppercut, swing, random) 100
Kicks mixed 100
speedball - 10min
punchbag - 10min

evening workout – tue, thur, sat

exercise type reps/duration
stretch full body 5min
burpees - 100
V-ups - 300
Reverse Pushups On pullup bar 200
Lunges 100
Dips 100
plank All 3 variations 90secs (min)
flexibility hold each stretch for min 30secs 30min
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