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Postby jageerdar » Thu Jan 07, 2010 2:23 am

Week 1 workout #2, 6/01/2010
2x5 20 kg
1x5 60 kg
1x3 80 kg
1x2 90 kg
3x5 95 kg

2x5 20 kg
1x5 40kg
1x5 50 kg
1x2 55 kg
2x5, 1x3 56.75 kg

2x5 20kg
1x3 60 kg
1x2 90 kg
1x1 110 kg
1x5 117.5 kg

Hard workout but i'm back on the wagon now. Time to kick some <beauty>. Everything felt heavy but that was to be expected. My body has to learn how to recover quickly for regular lifting.
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