Juice or Fruit?

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Juice or Fruit?

Postby Canuck Singh » Wed Nov 05, 2008 7:13 pm

Most juicers work by extracting the pulp (high fiber) from the fluid. This is the first process where nutritional value is lost.

It takes about ½ a kilogram of fruit to make one cup of juice, therefore the sugar (calorie content) is very high. On one hand it’s very easy to drink ½ a kilo of fruit than munch your way through it. So consuming juices regularly, may add excess calories.

Here are some juice myths.

1. Fresh juice is more nutritious than processed juices. False. Equal amounts of research show when juice (not reconstituted) is processed and handled properly it retains the value of fresh juices.

2. Juice is as good as the whole fruit. False. Fruit contains another critical elements to health, other than juice. One of those (fibre) is essential to fat loss.

3. Juice is not fattening. False. Juice represents concentrated sugar (without the benefit of fiber). It can become easily stored calories and in this instance is no better than the sugar in sodas.

4. Commercial juicers are better than hand squeezing. False. They may make the job easier, but because they eliminate the fiber, it makes them less healthy than the hand squeezed variety.

5. Juice is better for infants than milk. False. Although some juice is desirable, a high level of energy intake from juice can mean infants miss out on other vital nutrients in the diet.

Fruit juice can also increase blood triglyceride levels thereby increasing heart disease risks. The rise in blood sugar caused by drinking fruit juice can also be a distinct disadvantage to any fat loss plan.

What about vegetable juices? That is a different story. Because vegetables are generally lower than fruit in sugars they tend to be lower in total energy (calorie) content. Home made vegetable juices contain roughly the same calories as the vegetable itself and can generally be consumed quiet liberally without excessive fat gain.
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Re: Juice or Fruit?

Postby Andrew » Fri Jan 13, 2012 7:06 am

Good post and quite informative. In my opinion fruit and juice both are good. It is our choice that what we want to drink or eat. Fruits are best for health. We can drink it as a juice and eat it as a fruit.
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Re: Juice or Fruit?

Postby jakob » Sat Sep 22, 2012 9:15 am

Both juice and fruits are beneficial for health now its up to you that you want to eat or drink.
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Re: Juice or Fruit?

Postby Melvin » Thu Dec 20, 2012 10:19 am

Hi all
Natural juice have many calories and vitamins and i would like to suggest you drink natural juice before breakfast.
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