Ingredients in food - things to look out for

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Ingredients in food - things to look out for

Postby Canuck Singh » Thu Sep 04, 2008 7:56 pm

- Castoreum: an extract from the ANAL MUSK glands of beavers
- Lipase: an enzyme extracted from calf toung, commonly found in dairy products like cheese
- Lanolin: a waxy fat extracted from sheep's wool, commonly found in chewing gum and products with added vitamin D3
- L-Cysteine Hydrochloride: a flour additive often extracted from duck feathers, commonly found in backing mixes
- Carmine or Cochineal: GROUND UP CARCASSES OF BEETLES! commonly used to color processed foods, even orange juice (Tropicana!!)
- Pepsin: an enzyme from pig stomachs
- Rennet or Rennin: an enzyme from the stomach of slaughtered calves
- Gelatin: boiled hooves, bones, and skin

here's a good link with more ingredients derived from animals

some of them are dairy related but there's a lot of things like glycerin and lipods

As a result of concerns raised by individuals I am posting certain food items that may not be vegan or vegetarian and thus suited to certain individuals dietary habits.

I have also posted the following symbols to help people determine which products I recommend are either vegan or lacto-vegetarian.
- Image - Vegetarian
- Image - Vegan

I have written about concerns from some consumers regarding whey protein that can be found in "All about whey" post. I have linked to a company that uses vegetable derived rennet. If anyone has any other concerns in this regard, please let me know.
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