Household Items harmful to environment and your health

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Household Items harmful to environment and your health

Postby Canuck Singh » Wed Jul 23, 2008 4:37 pm

Mercury Pollution from your Household Thermometer
A recent study on mercury pollution in the New York/New Jersey Watershed region estimated that a majority of the 500kgs of the mercury that gets into the air, water and solid waste each year is due to broken thermometers! The average household mercury fever thermometer holds 0.7 grams of mercury, this is more than enough to contaminate millions of gallons of water.

Experts have long known mercury is a poison that can have an immediate and toxic effect on the body. It’s most toxic form, methyl-mercury can cause health problems including loss of appetite, fatigue, insomnia and changes in behavior or personality. For pregnant women and their unborn children, this toxin is particularly dangerous. Studies show mercury can pass through the placenta from mother to child and can cause brain damage, mental retardation, blindness, seizures, and an inability to speak. Children poisoned by mercury may develop neurological and digestive problems, including kidney damage.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that breakage of fever thermometers leads to direct exposure of citizens and also contributes a significant amount of mercury to solid waste every year. This waste can be incinerated, land filled or washed into nearby rivers and streams and eventually makes its way to the Harbor.

Dr. Shaikh, Research Director explained that consumers living in the Watershed region purchased approximately 1.5 million fever thermometers, with at least 50% of these bought to replace broken or disposed of units.

The report was based on two years of research compiled by The New York Academy of Sciences. In addition to new recommendations aimed at dental, hospital and laboratory facilities, the Academy report advises consumers to reduce their usage of mercury-containing items such as thermometers. Consumers can help protect the environment and avoid unnecessary risks to their health by purchasing digital or other mercury-free thermometers
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Re: Household Items harmful to environment and your health

Postby Mrs. Canuck Kaur » Sat Jan 31, 2009 5:25 pm

Recently I discovered something about Non-Stick Pans:



Chemicals in non-stick pans may retard babies' growth

Toxin in daily use in the home should be phased out, says researcher

By Geoffrey Lean, Environment Editor
Sunday, 26 August 2007

Chemicals used in non-stick pans, fast-food containers, carpets, furniture and a host of other everyday household products are retarding babies' growth and brain development, two startling new studies suggest.

The studies – from the United States and Denmark, both published in the past month – found that babies with increased levels of the chemical in their umbilical cords were born smaller and with reduced head sizes. Though the changes were small, reductions in weight and brain development at birth have been associated with health problems throughout life.

The chemical – perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) – has been used so widely and is so persistent in the environment that it has been found all over the world – even in the Arctic and in remote Pacific atolls – in rain and water supplies, food, wildlife and human blood.

One of the studies, carried out by researchers at the blue-chip Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore, Maryland, found the chemical in every single one of the 299 umbilical cords analysed, suggesting that every baby is born already contaminated by it. Similar levels have been found in babies in Europe and Japan.

It also found that the babies whose cords had the highest concentrations of PFOA were born lighter, thinner and with smaller head circumferences than others. The second study – carried out in the US and Denmark, with babies drawn from the Danish National Birth Cohort – came up with similar findings for birth weight, the only measurement it made.

The studies, published in the prestigious journal Environmental Health Perspectives, are important because they measure effects on people, and suggest that PFOA is damaging at far lower levels in the blood than had been realised. Laboratory research has previously shown that the chemical causes rats to be born smaller, but only at levels many thousands of times higher.

The results are bound to cause increasing controversy over the chemical, which is used to make non-stick pans and stain resistant coatings for fabrics. It has already been under attack as a suspected cause of cancer , but this is the most damning evidence of damage to date.

Non-stick pans left accidentally on rings and in ovens to heat up without food in them are known to give off the chemical at high temperatures, and it has also been found in household dust – but nobody yet knows how it is getting into women's blood and being passed on to their babies. The results are bound to increase pressure for it to be banned.

Professor Lynn Goldman, the main author of the Baltimore study and a former head of toxic substances at the official US Environmental Protection Agency – calls for the chemical to be phased out and "not released to the environment".

And Dr Gwynne Lyons, the director of Chem Trust, a new British charity for protecting people and wildlife from harmful chemicals, says that failing to do so would be "sheer folly".

DuPont, the only US manufacturer of PFOA, has announced plans to phase it out – but not until 2015. The company says it is taking the step merely because of the chemical's persistence and as a result of public concern.

DuPont has long insisted that "there are no human health effects known to be caused by PFOA", and now adds: "Our position is that the studies have not changed our position.
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Re: Household Items harmful to environment and your health

Postby RickCroun » Wed Jan 25, 2012 5:57 pm

Volatile Organic are appear from afire fuels such as gasoline, accustomed gas, copse and atramentous there are aswell abundant domiciliary articles that accommodate adverse compounds like: paints, solvents, aerosol sprays, air fresheners. If these articles are acclimated central the home pollutant levels can be 2-5 times what they are if acclimated outside.
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