Good habits for kids

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Good habits for kids

Postby Canuck Singh » Mon Nov 03, 2008 8:46 pm

The increasing incidence of over fatness in children is due more so to their level of inactivity rather than their diet or amount of activity. Reducing a child’s level of inactivity is simply competing with the particular behaviors, which decreases the amount of physical activity a child performs each day. The effect of many hours in front of the TV set and now the computer is concerning many experts in childhood obesity. Decreasing the amount of time in front of the TV may be more important and easier than pushing fat kids into exercise they may not want to do.

This approach was put to the test by research scientists at Pittsburgh University who compared a program to reward obese 8-12 year olds for decreasing inactive behavior with another program designed to increase their involvement in sport and physical exercise. The researchers found greater decreases in body fat in the decreased sedentary group than in the increased activity group.

The techniques used to decrease sedentary behavior included getting the kids to keep a short daily journal to log daily activity. If a sedentary activity decreased to a pre-set level then the parents would reward the child with a pre-determined reward (that was not necessarily food!) For a fat child, turning the television or the computer off may be a more effective technique for weight loss than trying to push a child into a sport or exercise program.

Another even more powerful, research proven aspect is that children always gravitate (both consciously and subconsciously) towards the lifestyle and habits of their parents. You can envelop your children in an environment of good health without saying a word if they consistently see you eating nutritious food and follow a regimented exercise pattern. The effect may not be instantaneous, but it will plant the seeds of life-long healthy habits.
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