Glycerol for Hydration

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Glycerol for Hydration

Postby Canuck Singh » Mon Nov 03, 2008 8:44 pm

The problem with many endurance sports is that even when given unlimited access to fluid, dehydration still occurs. Exercise performed for more than one hour in a hot/humid environment can result in a loss in excess of 3 liters of body fluid. Even when water consumption is increased in an effort to hyper-hydrate, the kidneys remove most of it within the hour. That’s where glycerol comes in.

Robert Robergs at the University of New Mexico reports that adding glycerol to water can prolong the time before dehydration by up to four hours. Intriguingly the mechanism in which glycerol achieves this effect is not clear. Reports show no reduction in body core temperature nor is there any increase in plasma volume. A study performed by Robergs and colleagues at this university showed a protocol that provided the greatest hyper-hydration. It involved starting glycerol ingestion 2 ½ hours before the event.

* 2 ½ hours before event drink 5ml/kg of body weight of a 20% glycerol solution.

* In another 30 minutes drink 5ml/kg of body weight of water.

* Wait another 15 minutes then drink another 5ml/kg of body weight of water.

* After another 15 minutes drink 1ml/kg of body weight of the 20% glycerol solution and 5ml/kg of water.

* After another 30 minutes finally consume another 5ml/kg of body weight of water.

* If you follow this time frame you should still have an hour to go before your event.
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