Genetics - the Normal Curve

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Genetics - the Normal Curve

Postby Canuck Singh » Wed Jan 28, 2009 12:49 pm

Genetics & Normality

Alright people, today I have a lot to reveal to you all. This is basically where you need to start your journey into weight training, so that you may be humbled by some very real Truths about getting involved in this game.

See this:
This is a normal bell curve, almost anything in nature or by human social statistics follows this curve. Basically, it means that most of the population falls within the mid range either above or below, and that most people are basically this 'average' or 'normal' value. The 2% or less that make up the lower end of the spectrum are those like myself who have horrible genetics and probably will not gain any muscle or strength in an entire lifetime of training. People like myself who are the bottom 2% of the population reach their genetic limit very quickly and won't have bicep peaks, or quads like trees. Ok, maybe I am exaggerating and there are better examples of the bottom 2%, but I am definitely not in the top percentages. The extreme of 2%, what I will label as genetically gifted, are those people who bench 2 plates the very first time they ever touch a barbell. The top .1% to .2% of the population are Athletes. Want an example, how about Ussain Bolt, who ran a 9.69second 100m sprint! He is the .0000001% genetic anomaly that other human beings, even athletes can not match even with the use of drugs!!! This point is not to depress you, and to tell you that you will never succeed in your efforts. Because, later I will present more information that states that your talents and ability are really the result of the efforts that you place into being a more disciplined and better person. But I want you to learn to Accept that you don't need to be better than anyone else, you just need to Aspire to be the best you can be...

Alot of people believe if they train like so and so pro bodybuilder or use the techniques that they used to build a bodypart that they will end up with the same development or close to it. And Im writing this to tell you something that really hurts but its the honest truth. Your weak bodyparts that are still there after a year or two of hard training are always going to remain weaker bodyparts for you even at your very top level of development. Whatever your standout bodyparts are after a year or two of training (chest, triceps, legs) will always be strong bodyparts in the long run. Basically if your pretty lean after a year of training that picture you take right then and there is going to be the same shape you have after you put 30-60lbs of muscle mass on your frame. Your not going to be filling in short attached biceps or building lower calves by doing anything special and extraordinary. People dont want to believe this stuff because it messes up the dream of it all. Im sorry but that bodypart is going to always be a weak link in your arsenal. You might get it up in size by working your self off but its never going to be rock the world stellar. This is all about genetics--it is the make or break of being a bodybuilder. Alot of you may see bodybuilders latest video and see their normal training partner. Did he look even close to example Arnold in size/muscularity? He is obviously doing the same things as Arnie inside the gym and most likely even outside of the gym, but he might of been maybe 220-230lbs and wasnt even remotely close to Arnies's development. Dont you think alot of pros have longtime freinds or training partners? Dont you think they are training and doing the exact same things (food, drugs, supplements, training)? Then why arent they walking around at 4.0lbs of muscle mass per inch of height like the pro? - DC

your unique genetics are what determines what your going to end up looking like. So try to be the best that you can be with your unique genetics that have been given to you.

Want to know if you come from a genetic line of super freaks and strongmen? Look back to history. Traditionally Punjabi people who belong initially to Aryan race were fighters and hard workers. The general Punjabi is capable of having descent genetics, but not all. The Chinese in the recent Olympics proved that with hard work, even genetic limitations can be overcome. But the thing is, one can get whatever they want if they reach for it, but don't expect false dreams to come true. Stick to something tangible and work hard to achieve it!

Breaking LImitations
Now, with the science mumbo jumbo out of the way. I am here to tell you the good news. This site is dedicated to the latest and greatest in science on strength, nutrition, and the art of longevity. The methods prescribed here are to take you to the maximum potential of your being and really working hard and being disciplined in life. If you want to earn respect, respect your body and be a positive role model for others. Weight training is not about showing off bulging muscles, but about building self esteem, good health, and not relying on others for positive health in the long term. It is about constantly challenging yourself to be better than you were before. Use the resources within to be the best you can naturally be...
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