Fat loss in our genes?

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Fat loss in our genes?

Postby Canuck Singh » Wed Oct 01, 2008 10:45 pm

Fat loss seems to be tougher for some people than others. One reason may be the presence of a particular gene. According to scientists from Genetics and Genomics, Boston University Medical School, about 10% of humans have a sequence variation close to the INSIG2 gene.

This gene is thought to regulate insulin and inhibit the synthesis of fatty acids. People with a sequence variation near this gene seem less able to inhibit the synthesis of fatty acid and cholesterol, they also tend to accumulate body fat easier.

This is the first study to identify a genetic factor in fat metabolism so it’s very exciting to scientists. However, while this discovery helps us understand why some people get fat easier than others, it does not provide any answers for helping overweight people shed fat. A calorie-controlled diet combined with intense exercise and strategic supplementation is still the most effective way to shed unwanted body fat.

Source: Science, June, 2006
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