Cranberry Juice to prevent UTI

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Cranberry Juice to prevent UTI

Postby Canuck Singh » Wed Jul 02, 2008 6:02 pm

Cranberry Juice
A new study confirms what many women already know, drinking cranberry juice can reduce the risk of recurrent urinary tract infection (UTI).

Dr. Tero Kontiokari, of the University of Oulu in Finland, and his colleague's research findings indicate that this popular remedy could be a good way to prevent recurrence of the painful infections and reduce the need for antibiotics.

In a randomized study of 150 women with a history of UTI, the investigators asked one group to drink 50 milliliters of cranberry-lingonberry juice a day and another group to drink 100 milliliters of a lactobacillus drink 5 days/week, and a third group to drink neither beverage. In this 12-month long study, the cranberry group reduced the number of episodes of UTI by about half at 6 months while the lactobacillus drink was ineffective.

Overall, only 16% women in the cranberry group reported a UTI, whereas 39% in the lactobacillus group and 36% in a control group reported at least one UTI during the year-long study. The authors concluded that since cranberry juice is a natural food product and readily available, it apears to bea useful means for self-administered prevention of urinary tract infections.

Ref: (Reuters Health) Jun 29 -British Medical Journal 2001:322;1571-1573.
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